Weddings & Vow Renewals During COVID-19



We understand that many churches in the area are still closed for worship services and public gatherings (such as weddings and funerals). Beginning August 1, 2020 the Little Brown Church will start to offer weddings and vow renewals inside the church.  The following are the guidelines that have been set by the Church Council in order to allow weddings and vow renewals to proceed. These guidelines MUST be adhered for weddings / vow renewals to continue to be held during this time. It is the responsibility of the bride and groom (or whoever is coordinating the event) to inform all attendees of these policies.

Please also note that these policies are subject to change should there be new directives from the Governor of Iowa or the Federal Government.

Social Distancing Policies

  • Wedding guests are required to wear facemasks as they enter and leave the sanctuary. Although we would prefer masks to be worn throughout the ceremony, masks may be removed while seated.
  • Wedding guests may be seated in the pews that are NOT marked with yellow tape
  • Use of hand sanitizers is encouraged
  • Limited contact with surfaces is encouraged

NOTE: The officiating pastor, organist, and the wedding organizer are all part of the “at risk” group for COVID-19 and will therefore maintain social distancing before, during and after the ceremony. This will include the wearing facemasks. The pastor will remove his mask during the ceremony but will conduct the ceremony at a safe distance from the wedding party. (except during the ceremony itself).

Wedding / Vow Renewal Options

(temporary changes to existing policies)

  • “Just Us” – Bride & Groom + 2 witnesses (Weekdays only)
  • “Keeping It Simple” – for under 30 attendees (including the wedding party) can now be booked for Saturdays.
  • “All the Frills” –  is limited to no more than 50 attendees (including the wedding party)

The Wedding Party

We are allowing a maximum of 6 people at the front of the church (the Bride and Groom plus 4 others). Any additional groomsmen/bridesmaids etc. must be seated near the front of the church or stand in the aisles. All members of the wedding party are encouraged to wear facemasks before the ceremony begins.

Church Office / Dressing Rooms

Before the wedding ceremony the bride and groom (along with their two chosen witnesses) are required to check in to the church office (located directly across from the church) to present their wedding license to the wedding administrator. We ask that only two people at a time enter the office to meet with the administrator and sign any necessary documents. Both the bride and groom and the witnesses are required to wear facemasks at this time. We also ask that a maximum of four people use the dressing rooms at any given time.

Please note: On days when there are multiple weddings scheduled we will not be able to clean the sanctuary, dressing rooms or restrooms in between ceremonies.  We will do our best to leave as much time between ceremonies as possible.